Step by step guide

Week 1


Scaffold is erected on the front, rear and in some instances the side of your property. For the first 3 to 4 weeks we work from the scaffolding, going in and out of your loft keeping you as dust free as possible
The steels (RSJs) are then delivered and lifted into the loft with the aid of an electric hoist, enabling us to create the suspended floor. Once steels are in the loft, they are then secured into the main walls. The floor joists are then fitted into place and at this stage your Local Authority are contacted to visit and inspect the works for approval. Once approved we then move onto the next stage.


Weeks 2 – 3


On the second and third week the dormer is erected. Once erected, secured and made water tight your Local Authority is then contacted for inspection approval.


Week 4 – 5


The loft is completely insulated according to the current building regulations requirements. New roof tiles are hung on the dormer. A new opening is created in the ceiling to make room for the new staircase. First fix electrical and plumbing works (according to current building regulations). Plaster board the new loft rooms, ready for plaster skim/


Week 6 – 7


We are now in the position to skim plaster the new rooms and complete second fixing, i.e. doors, lights switches, sockets, etc. Remove all rubbish from site. Once second fixing has been completed the Local Authority is contacted for final insepction and to issue the Completion Certificate.